Science Surprise Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is an excavation?

An excavation is a roughly 1" x 1" x 1/2" block of chalky plaster with a collectible specimen inside.


2. What do I get each month if I subscribe?

Every month a delivery will arrive containing eight excavations. Each excavation will contain a real scientific specimen to be uncovered, identified, collected, and enjoyed. You will also receive a collectible identification card for each specimen and baggies in which to store each identification card and specimen. 


3. Are items in each Science Surprise educational?

Most certainly! Science Surprise is designed to utilize interesting and exciting items to convey scientific knowledge and information. Each item comes with an information card about the specimen. 


4. What is the recommended age for recipients of Science Surprise deliveries?

The items we ship are designed for ages six and up. Our deliveries also contain small parts and need to be kept away from young children and pets. 


5. Will I need any special equipment?

Each person will need to wear eye protection (not included) as they excavate the specimens. 


6. Is there an obligation with the subscription to get the $12.99 a month price?

Nope! You can cancel your subscription at anytime. Our awesome low price is available to anyone, no matter if you receive one month or all twelve! 


7. When do Science Surprise subscriptions ship?

Orders ship within one to two business days of receipt. Subsequent months will bill and ship every thirty days. There is no obligation and you can cancel anytime!


8. Are the items unique each month?

Yes! Each month we ship an entire new assortment of excavations. Each monthly assortment will enable a recipient to ultimately collect all ninety-six specimens. 


9. How long should I subscribe?

Twelve months of a consecutive subscription will result in the recipient collecting all ninety-six specimens. Subscriptions will automatically cancel if the full twelve months are received. 


10. What if my child struggles with the excavation?

Each excavation is designed to scrap away easily with the enclosed excavation stick. If difficulties persist, an adult can put on eye protection and gently tap the excavation with a hammer. This will break the excavation into smaller pieces and will allow for easier removal of the specimen. 


11. What is inside each excavation?

Each excavation will have a rock, mineral, gemstone, fossil, or seashell specimen. We include several examples of each specimen in almost every excavation. This provides the recipient with numerous examples to investigate, identify, collect, and trade each specimen. On rare occasions, specimens are too large and we can only fit one example in the excavation. 


 12. When will I be billed?

Customers will be billed immediately at the time of checkout for the first delivery. For subsequent months, the recurring charge for a subscription will occur every thirty days thereafter. 


13. Are Science Surprise excavations messy?

Excavations can be a little dusty and messy. Make sure you pick an area that is clear of clutter and has a surface that can be easily cleaned to enjoy your excavations. 


If you have any additional questions that are not answered here, please feel free to reach out using the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page. 


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