Newton’s Lab - Science Fun Kit, #kit127
Newton’s Lab - Science Fun Kit, #kit127
Newton’s Lab - Science Fun Kit, #kit127

Newton’s Lab - Science Fun Kit, #kit127

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Make a commotion-of-motion at home as we explore Netwon’s Laws in a fun, “hands-on” approach. We’ll even experiment with potential and kinetic energy by launching rockets, using our hands as the launchpad and much more. Explore force, motion, friction and gravity while building and playing with your own balloon race car.

FUN Actions = FUN Reactions!

A ScienceFun Scientist will show your child how to construct and build their balloon race car and how to properly launch the pocket-rocket and more.  After you place your order, you will receive a link for a online experiment instructions.  This short video will be fun, informative and will be followed by a Newton’s Lab trivia challenge for your child to test out their science knowledge.

Science Standards: K.P.1, 3.P.1, 5.P.1,7.P.1

What’s Included in this LOW cost $12 experience? 

  • All supplies needed for your science experiments/projects
  • FREE and Fast Shipping to your home
  • Instant access to a ScienceFun Scientist "on-line" to show you how to build or do your science experiments
  • Fun Trivia Questions related to your experiment
  • Zoom with us and our Scientists will answer any of your questions or give you personal help with your project, if needed 
Let us EDUtain your children at home!
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