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Get an awesome Grab Bag filled with amazing experiments, rocks, slimes, scientific novelties, Science Fun swag, fossils, science kits, and much, much more!

Our Grab Bags are without a doubt the most popular item from our Science Fun gift shop and for a limited time we are making them available for purchase online.

We accumulate a ton of awesome science related products and cool stuff during our super fun science camps and in-school field trips. What do we do with all that leftover awesome science you may ask? We put it in amazingly cool and fun grab bags!

We literally stuff these bags to the point where you can't add one more thing! Our warehouse is bursting with unique and interesting scientific products and curiosities which we use to make these Grab Bags exciting and educational. 

This is by far the best deal you will find on our website so have fun and get your grab bag today! Supplies are super limited and these will sell out fast! 

We have three sizes to choose from below!

Igneous rocks are formed by volcanoes. When a volcano erupts, it spews out hot molten rock called magma or lava. Eventually the magma will cool down and harden, either when it reaches the Earth's surface or somewhere within the crust. This hardened magma or lava is called igneous rock.


Contains small items - Not intended for young children - Designed for ages 6 and up - Pictures are representations of what you will receive and are used for illustrative purposes only.

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